Dog Training & Behaviour

I am a qualified dog trainer with a strong focus on behavioural issues and problem-solving. 

I studied with the Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers, whose philosophy is based on the outstanding work of Turid Rugaas and an understanding of canine language. 

My approach focuses on strengthening relationships with our dogs through a deeper understanding of their needs and natural behaviours. Stress-free training based on the latest science and research helps us to develop effective strategies to cooperate with our dog and provide him or her with a safe and supportive environment, leading to a healthier and happier existence together. 

I offer one-to-one training and problem-solving sessions for you and your dog in a calm and safe environment. I also offer social walks and enriched environment activities for dogs of all ages*

*after an initial assessment

I am a mentor on the Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers Level 1 online courses and a member of  Pet Dog Trainers of Europe.

Please contact me for further information.