SOS Animals Switzerland


We set up SOS Animals Switzerland in May 2015 after returning from our last working holiday volunteering at SOS Animals Spain. We were overwhelmed by the desperate plight of so many of these beautiful dogs, many who had suffered horribly at the hands of man. What also stuck us was how tirelessly our friends who ran the shelters worked in their never ending battle to rescue, care for and hopefully one day home these wonderful dogs.

SOS Animals Switzerland works alongside SOS Animals Spain with the aim to bring some of the dogs from the overloaded refuges in Spain and into foster or forever homes here in Switzerland. SOS has a ‘no kill’ policy so all the dogs lucky enough to find space at the shelter can be guaranteed warmth, love, food, shelter and hopefully one day a forever home. These are the lucky ones – many end up in killing stations or suffer at the hands of the hunters once they are no longer of ‘use.’

Please consider a rescue dog from Spain. By homing a shelter dog, you are in fact saving two lives – the dog that comes to live with you and the dog who takes the vacated kennel.

To find out more please visit the SOS Animals Switzerland Facebook page.